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    If you see "NAYAX CANADA INC. FREDERICTON NB" or "C-IDP PURCHASE-####-NAYAX CANADA IN" on your credit or debit card statement, don’t panic just yet! Nayax is a company that manufactures credit card and debit card readers/terminals that operate on thousands of vending machines, laundromats, micro markets, amusement parks, and more all throughout the world. If you use your credit card or debit card at any kind of automated merchandising equipment with a Nayax reader, you’ll see Nayax on your bank statement. "NAYAX CANADA INC. FREDERICTON NB" or "C-IDP PURCHASE-####-NAYAX CANADA IN" processes the credit card or debit card charge, which is why it shows up that way.

  • Q. What does a Nayax card reader look like?

    Most of them look like the image to the right. It’s a big, yellow box about the size of a softball, above the keypad of the machine.

  • Q. I was charged the wrong amount/I think this charge is fraudulent – can you refund me?

    Unfortunately, we cannot issue any refunds. For refunds, typically you should contact the operator of the machine. Their contact information is usually on a sticker at the top of the machine, just inside the window of the machine, or on the side. Or you can talk to the manager of the place where the machine is located – they’ll usually have a way to contact the operator.

    Don’t forget that it can often take a few days for credit card transactions to be processed; the Nayax transaction may show up a bit later than expected.

  • Q. Can I visit your showroom in Langley? What are your hours?

    Absolutely! We would love to have you stop by. We’re open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

  • Q. I need a location before I can get a machine. Can you help?

    While it's not the primary focus of our business, we frequently get people contacting us looking for operators for a location simply because we work with a LOT of operators all across Canada. When we have a location available, we'll send out an email via our newsletter. If you want to be kept up to date with location opportunities, sign up for our newsletter HERE

  • Q. I changed my mind about a machine I just bought. Can I return it?

    You sure can things happen and we understand. Machines can be returned for refund within 30 days of purchase, however, a 25% restocking fee will be charged to cover administration costs and storage fees.

  • Q. How do credit/debit card readers work?

    They’re a two-part machine – the card reader is on the front of the machine for consumer use. There is a modem on the inside of the machine that connects to a cellular network and allows it to speak to the payment server and process transactions. If you’re in an area that doesn’t have a cellular connection, we can help you modify the setup to connect to a local internet connection too.

  • Q. I want to start a vending business: where do I start?

    Congratulations! Vending machines are a great opportunity for small businesses as it’s easy to scale the business as needed. We can help you out by providing product brochures, great pricing on new and used equipment, and the latest in payment technology to get you started. As well, we often have location opportunities for operators. Give us a call at 1-800-218-8943 or contact us via our form here to get more information about starting your business. And don’t forget to join our newsletter HERE – when we have locations looking for operators, great deals on equipment, and important industry news, this is where we’ll share it.

  • Q. I’m not in Langley. Can you still help me?

    Of course! We have service technicians available in most areas along with sales offices in Western Canada, Ontario, and Quebec. If you want to make sure you’ll have our support, give us a call at 1-800-218-8943

  • Q. You didn't answer my question yet!

    No worries - if you think we should add a question to this page, you can reach us through our Contact Us page. Or if you have a specific question you want answered, give us a call at 1-800-218-8943.

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