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Ultimate Coffee Machine

Ultimate Coffee Machine

Coffee Vending Machines

Description -

Are you tired of those coffee machines that never work properly or that are high maintenance? Are you tired of having cups, cream and sugar disappear while your sales are a disappointment?

The Ultimate Coffee Machine was invented to finally solve all those issues. This machine will increase your coffee sales exponentially and it can be placed anywhere that other vending machines are placed, such as office buildings, sports arenas, medical facilities, airports, shopping centers, businesses, etc.


  • Very EASY TO USE
  • COntains 7 trays of product which includes up to 180 @12oz cups
  • Holds up to 36 selections of Coffee/Tea/Hot Choc.
  • LED lighting that creates the perfect balance of ambiance and clarity
  • Adaptable to most brewer brands (Keurig, Flavia, Uniserve, Bunn, etc.)
  • Interchangeable parts with most other AMS machines
  • Increases sales and profitability exponentially
  • Accommodates all recognized brand name coffees
  • Supplies for individual coffee are all contained within the cups
  • Eliminates theft of supplies
  • Service window at rear of machine
  • Guaranteed delivery
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